Kilverts Inn

The Hay Tap at Kilverts Hotel takes great pride in serving the widest range of real ales in Hay. Brecon Brewing beers sit alongside regular guests from across the UK and there are 6 further craft beers to choose from. Kilverts holds Cask Marque accreditation for beer quality and over the years has won numerous awards from CAMRA amongst others. 
We also offer a choice of traditional Welsh ciders, served cool from out cellar. 
This is what's on the bar today:


Copper Beacons, Brecon Brewing (4.1%)

A beautiful Copper Ale, with a smooth malty base and a generous balance of fruity hops.

Dark Beacons, Brecon Brewing (3.8%)

A traditional Welsh Dark – deep tawny brown in colour, with an aroma of toffee and caramel. This beer is full bodied, yet surprisingly light and refreshing – a proper thirst quencher.

Three Beacons, Brecon Brewing (3.0%)

Pale golden APA remarkably full flavoured and extensively hopped a beer that truly defies its strength.